Digital Forensics & Investigative Services

With investigative protocol derived from stringent law enforcement standards, SMP works with you to achieve the proper retrieval of evidence and perform analysis of data to be used as evidence in a court of law.

The need to protect customer and company data has become increasingly important. Maintaining reputation and avoiding costly legal battles are just two critical concerns. Today, organizations must not only identify and stop improper use of information and systems; they are often challenged to investigate further to obtain digital evidence. Such investigations demand specialized skills that often exceed in-house expertise.

Security Management Partners provides the forensic expertise necessary to appropriately collect and examine key electronic evidence. Our forensic consultants apply disciplined investigative techniques to identify the source, contain it, and gather the related evidence. We help you react quickly, effectively, and in an orderly, consistent manner.

Digital Forensics

Using the leading digital forensic solutions, the SMP team works to provide the most comprehensive analysis available. After assessing an individual client’s needs and situation at-hand, we use our technology and expertise to target and replicate relevant data, making sure to protect the original environment for legal purposes. Once SMP determines the data source of the situation, our team will analyze the information collected to validate or disprove the suspected breach and provide support through any subsequent legal proceedings. SMP’s digital forensic work can be used in conjunction with any of our other services to meet any additional client needs.

The SMP Solution

SMP’s forensic services include the identification, acquisition and subsequent examination of key pieces of electronic data. Our investigators proceed in a manner which assures you and your legal team access to evidence which will withstand the challenges in any legal proceeding as it pertains to the methodology involved in its preservation, collection, analysis, and presentation.

SMP keeps a careful record of each step we take in any investigation. All detailed investigations are accompanied by an extensive report to support any evidence we uncover, as well as the conclusions that we draw from that data. We can supply this report and the evidence addenda in a variety of formats to suit our client's needs. SMP's previous investigations at financial institutions, hospitals and corporations have involved:

  • Evidence/data acquisition, preservation, recovery, analysis, and reporting
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Computer misuse
  • Corporate policy violation
  • Embezzlement
  • Harassment
  • System intrusion and compromise
  • Encrypted, deleted, and hidden files recovery
  • Illicit pornography
  • Confidential information leakage