Incident Response

Organizations must react to potential information security breaches quickly and in an orderly manner. Disciplined investigative techniques are necessary to determine if a breach has occurred, to contain the breach, to identify its source, to gather evidence, and to offer recommendations to improve systems and practices.

The SMP Solution

A security breach requires a planned organizational response. Security Management Partners incident response experts will:

  • Help your company develop incident response plans including, ‘what is an incident’ and ‘what is the proper response’
  • Minimize damages
  • Identify and preserve proper chain of evidence created as part of a potential crime scene
  • Investigate roots causes of a computer incident
  • Help you plan, train staff and, in the event of a breach, respond, recover & package data for civil or criminal redress.

Incident Response Retainer Program

SMP offers organizations a retainer contract that allows the client to accrue hours each month that can be applied when an incident occurs. At the end of the contract, if the client hasn’t used all of the hours stipulated in the contract those hours are considered “banked.” The client has an additional 12 months to apply those hours to any of SMP’s other IT audit and assessment services. Learn more about this program.